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How to use Fake Gps for Pokemon go

How to use Fake Gps for Pokemon go  Please be aware that Fake GPS Location may get your account banned by Pokemon Go.Root your Android first with KingoRoot

Fake Gps for Pokemon go

How to use Fake Gps for Pokemon go

Using Fake GPS Location Spoofer Apk

Files Needed to download first (Remember the location) for Fake Gps for Pokemon go

Install Fake GPS Location Spoofer as a system app using Lucky Patcher

  • Locate Lucky Patcher apk you have downloaded using file explorer and intsall it.
  • Grant root permission to Lucky Patcher when it asks.
  • Launch Lucky Patcher and find “Rebuild & Install” at the bottom bar.
  • Locate Fake GPS Location Spoofer using the built-in exploerer in Lucky Patcher
  • Click the apk file and select “Install as a system app”

Settings on Fake GPS app

  • Uncheck “Allow mock location” in Settings > Developer Options
  • Launch Fake GPS, enter a location in Australia, New Zealand or US.
  • Go to Settings of Fake GPS, enable “Expert Mode” and “Move around fake location”, you can alse set the timeout and distance value there.
  • Click the orange play button on the right bottom in Fake GPS.
  • There should be a toast pop up on your screen that says “Fake location engaged…”


  • Enable “Location Services” on your device.
  • It is suggested that you choose “Locate by GPS” instead of “Locate by network and GPS”.

Go get some fun!


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